How to Add Italian Flare & Style to Your Apartment

For centuries, the Italians have been dazzling the world with their style and flair. From fast, flashy Ferraris to decadently sumptuous palaces on Lake Garda, Italian designers have created gorgeous fabrics, objets d’art and so much more for the world to enjoy and lust after.
It’s easy to leaf through a glossy magazine and fall in love Latin influences around the home, and it’s only natural to want to add a little of this to a home. The problem is where does one start? Luckily, all is not lost because there are a few simple ways to give a home a makeover that renders it with a definite Italian touch.

All important lighting – the Latin look

A Touch of La Dolce Vita
One of the best ways to add Italian style and flair to your home is to give the walls of a room a whitewashed look and then choose some wonderful stylish pale-blue furnishings so that you add a light and airy Italian feel to it. Add some dramatically stylish objects and maybe a couple urns. Place the objects so they are the eye catching focal points of the room and suddenly it’s transformed into an Italian palace.
Softening the corners of a room is a very Italian touch that works so well adding another dimension to a space. Built-in benches and lots of wonderfully stylish niches with well laid terra-cotta tiled flooring, shows tremendous Italian style and flair. To add a warm feel to a cold looking floor, throw down sumptuous thick piled, rich coloured rugs which are the perfect Latin finishing touch.
Another wonderful way to decorate your home to add a special Italian feel to it is to combine tinted-plaster walls with ‘trompe l’oeil’ paintings and large candelabras that make a strong, vibrant statement. Place the candelabras so they are poised on sideboards or dressers.
Think Sumptuous Drapes and Curtains Ties
The finishing touch to any room are the drapes and curtains that adorn windows. Thick, heavier fabrics that wreak elegance and style are so typical in an Italian apartment and they look so good in a bedroom. For living areas, you can create the same effect with lighter fabrics including sheer see-through ones like viole. Finish off the look with heavy decorative curtain ties.

The magnificence of marble & lighting effects

Modern Italian Decor Equals Simple, Clean Lines
Choose geometric designed furniture and mix this with more traditional elements – the combination works really well. A minimalist sofa sits comfortably next to a big, ostentatious tufted ottoman in a living room; it definitely adds that continental Italian look to a modern room. An antique sofa and it’s fabric adds a certain touch and warmth to streamlined interior making it an inviting and classical looking room that’s easy to relax in.
Light Up a Room the Latin Way
Lighting in a room makes bold statements and with the addition of dramatic overhead light fittings, it enhances the scene you are trying to create – a touch of bold is one of the hallmarks of Italian style and flair. Choose your lighting to be dramatic and eye catching and you’ve created a very Latin feel to a room.
Accessorize a Room with Sculptures
The Italians adore sculptures and use these to dominate the décor in a room. Be very selective, less is more. The use of ultra-modern floor lamps works as a contrast to the older sculptures and works incredibly well at throwing the right kind of lighting on them during the evening and night time hours.
Combine dramatic finishes whether it’s metal, stone, wood or glass – this could be furniture made out of wood and metal, granite work tops and glass mosaic tiles, all sitting elegantly together on marble floors – this is a typical and traditionally stylish Italian interior design technique that’s simply stunning.
From the days of the Roman Empire, Italian style and flair has dominated the world of interiors. The uniqueness and beauty of modern Italian décor is just a continuation of a glorious era where bold and brash was the norm. From sumptuously traditional to ultra-modern, Italian designers continue to produce innovative designs and the best part is, we can emulate their chic in our own homes giving them a real Latin look.

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The magnificence of marble & lighting effectsAll important lighting – the Latin look

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